A Little About Myself and This Blog

I’m less than a year away from forty, I’m married, I have three children, I enjoy the outdoors, I’m a part-time stay-at-home father, I have no career, very little ambition, am overweight, out of shape, I like bacon, bourbon, and weed, which might explain some of the above, I can’t decide if I’m truly a Taoist or if I’m just really lazy, and this brief summary of myself would never get a right swipe on Tinder (I actually just had to Google if right or left was the good one) so I hope nothing happens to my wife anytime soon because dating would be rough on me. Also I’d be sad and would really miss her. I like my wife quite a bit.

As opposed to what it probably seems like in the previous paragraph, I’m actually a pretty happy guy.

My age just means I have more experience and stories than those younger.

I really do love my wife very much and we get along better than two people who have been around each other as much as we have should get along.

My three children are… Well, I love them and they’re not boring.

Being overweight and out of shape is fixable and I may one day actually get on it but if I don’t the worst that’ll happen is death and that’s inevitable so why sweat it.

The lack of a real career at my age does sometimes get to me but usually only in fits and the combination of Taoism, bacon, weed, and bourbon (in that order of importance) usually softens the sting a bit.

The one thing I left out of all the above is that I like to write. Like a lot. I write constantly and I do almost nothing with it. In fact, thanks to an upbringing that focused on practicality above all else, I actually feel guilty and a touch ashamed “wasting my time” writing. I’ve had other blogs, I’ve submitted a few stories here and there to writing contests, but trying to make something real out of it just always seemed so… impractical.

But I’m trying to get over that way of thinking. And to help I’ve started this blog. I figured if I write out the stories I would tell a therapist about my life it would be good practice and would help me “write my truth” or whatever the current lingo is.

Also I paid for the premium upgrade for this site and thanks to being an incredibly cheap person this means that I will be using it.